Graphic Design at Leeds School of Arts is committed to socially responsible and collaborative projects which support local communities. It seeks to actively challenge social conventions, political rhetoric and injustice, to explore the nuances of human relationships, and to give a voice to those unrepresented in society.

Our students are encouraged to test the boundaries of the discipline and to find their place within it. Consequently, their self-initiated work can often be seen to prioritise urgent debates such as women’s rights, class history, and gay iconography. Our students have actively engaged with clients on a range of commercially focused live projects, as well as working on outreach initiatives designed to engage with our local communities.

This year our partners and collaborators have included Huddersfield Star Wheelers, ASBO Magazine, Obesity Institute (Leeds Beckett University), Space2 & Allerton Primary School, FEAST & NOMA (Manchester), St Chad's Broomfield Cricket Club (Headingley), Leeds-based design studio, US, global marketing agency IMA-Home, and Sheffield-based design studio, Field. We have also been fortunate to collaborate with students and colleagues from other courses across the school, including Architecture, Fashion, Illustration, and Performance.

Website Designed by:

01.  Ayrton Ainley
02. Taiwo Akinlolu
14.  Taro Gent


Ashleigh Armitage, Kiff Bamford, Jon Baugh, Dave Beckitt, Jonny Briggs
Ben Hall, Jo Hamill (Course Director), Jo Hassall, Graham Hibbert, Mary Ikoniadou, Martyn Rainford, Matt Smith, Liz Stirling, Aidan Winterburn

With thanks to:

Ricky Adam, Matt Allen, Louise Auty, Claire Curtin, Mary Gibbons, Vicky Hodgson, Adam Maddox, Rick Marriner, Anthony McHugh, Tom Rodgers, Lyndon Wallace